Terms of participation

Cancellation & refund policy, depend on the regulations of each ferry company and could vary from one to another. In order to have a general idea you should consider the scheme below:

Most shipping companies in case of cancellation, they charge a cancellation fee which amounts to:

  • 25% of the total value for cancellations from 14 to 7 days prior the departure.
  • 50% for cancellations within 7 days before your departure.
  • 100% during the last 12 hours prior to the departure or after that.

Instead of cancelling your tickets, you can turn them to OPEN status, 6 hours prior to the departure time, without any extra charges. These tickets will be valid, for the same route and the same company, for a limited period within which you must contact us to set the new date of your trip.

Shipping companies refund 100% of the ticket value in case of cancellation due to weather conditions or mechanical trouble with the ferry boat.

Please note that not valid tickets, including all the coupons, must be returned to us so that we can proceed to money refund.

Ticket Loss: In case of ticket loss, passenger should purchase a new one in order to sail and report the loss to the company, mentioning the departure date, the route and the number of the lost ticket as well as the number of the new one (photocopy). Once it’s proved that the ticket has not beenused, after a thorough search within the company’s database and within one month from the trip’s date, then the passenger is entitled to a new ticket of the same amount directly from the company.