Sifnos Holidays Package

Sifnos Holidays Package

Sifnos is an island municipality in the Cyclades island group in Greece. The main town, near the centre, known as Apollonia, is home of the island’s folklore museum and library. The town’s name is thought to have originated from an ancient temple of Apollo on the site of the church of Panayia Yeraniofora.

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The second-largest town is Artemonas, thought to be named after an ancient temple of Apollo’s sister-goddess, Artemis, located at the site of the church of Panayia Kokhi. The village of Kastro, was the capital of the island during ancient times until 1836. It is built on top of a high cliff on the island’s east shore and today has extensive medieval remains and is the location of the island’s archaeological museum. The port settlement, on the west coast of the island, is known as Kamares. Sifnos has a shoreline of 70 kms!

The inhabitants of the island are by nature hospitable, cheerful and kind and keep their traditions and their traditional cuisine. Sifnians are revelers and gourmands and therefore, excellent cooks. The unique flavors of the local cuisine with the use of fresh products make Sifnos stand out! It is not accidental that Sifnos is the birthplace of many great chefs. Numerous restaurants on the island will offer you exceptional culinary delights with dishes made from fresh ingredients. Leaving the island, it is certain that your mind will be full of incomparable flavors and aromas (Sifnos Holidays Package).

The churches, places intended to meet the needs of Christian worship, are a characteristic and inextricable element of the Greek landscape. Their decoration - whether painting, mosaic or other - always reflects the Orthodox doctrine, following specific style trends and established iconographic programmes. Over the centuries, important architects, builders or painters have contributed to the construction and decoration of the Greek churches, many of which now are scheduled monuments. Some chapels are easily accessed, whilst for some others, access can only be made by trail. Also, there are chapels that can be accessed by the sea with private or fishing boats, if the weather allows it. There are 360 churches in the island of Sifnos, as per the days of the year. More than any other island in Cyclades. It is no coincidence, the large number of festivals held on the island almost every month. Many churches and monasteries of the island are historical sites with great religious and architectural interest (Sifnos Holidays Package).

The inhabitants of the island, respecting the customs and traditions, organize feasts in chapels and monasteries throughout the year. After the vespers, guests are offered food, cooked in traditional fireplaces, the so-called “panostries”. Slow baked chickpea stew is the first dish served followed by veal with pasta. Wine flows plenty and fun is accompanied by the traditional «takimi», a pair of instrumentalists with violin and lute while people who attend the feast sing along. Most of the times, the fun lasts until the early hours, with lots of dancing and improvised quatrains, the so-called “poetic”. The people who undertake the organization of the feast, the «panigirades», also undertake all the costs of the feast. Do not loose the opportunity to visit them! Ask the locals if any of the days of your visit, there is a feast. You shall live a unique experience!

Sifnos is the bulwark of development and diffusion of pottery in Cyclades.The first samples of the art of pottery are dated from the Protocycladic period (statuettes, decorative and handy articles) and from back then till today this art continues. The abundance of raw materials in Sifnos (deposits of potter’s clay, abundant waters, strong sunshine), as well as the dexterous hands of the artisans have helped in the development of this art. The island’s rich clay veins, sunny weather and temperature have made Sifnos a capital of pottery in the Aegean, with unique jars and pots that are a “trademark” of the island. They are typical of the Sifnian everyday life, such as ashtrays, cooking and food vessels, “masteles”, “foufoudes” (kind of chimneys) etc. Locally, ‘Sifnios’ was a variant word for potter. The oldest potteries were found in central regions such as Artemon and Ano Petali to avoid pirate attacks (Sifnos Holidays Package).

Sifnos is the ideal island for those who like walking. The fans of walking will have the chance to follow many alternative paths. Get a map of the paths from the island’s stores and start exploring the island. To enjoy the rare beauty of the landscape of Sifnos, you must walk in the old scenic paths as several areas have no alternative access. Book with us your Sifnos Holidays Package.

Accommodation in Sifnos: Collaboration with numerous hotels, studios, apartments and villas.

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How to reach Sifnos

  • Direct with Zante Ferries, ferry boat from Piraeus port
  • Direct with Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, Aegean Speed Lines (catamaran, can carry vehicles) from Piraeus port (during summer season)
  • Direct with SeaJets (catamaran, can carry vehicles) from Piraeus (during summer season)
  • Please note that there are several connections from other island ports
Sifnos Holidays Package

  • Tickets to Sifnos with Aegean Speed Lines, SeaJets, Hellenic Seaways, Zante Ferries.
  • Accommodation of preference
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  • Anything not stated

  • Minimum 2 nights stay during high season (July, August), Easter period and special greek holidays.
  • We can arrange your transfer from the port/airport to your accommodation and vice versa with an extra cost. If the service is provided by the hotel free of charge, this will be stated at the booking process.



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