Naxos Holidays Package

Naxos Holidays Package

The biggest island of the Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean Sea and its sea routes, with imposing mountain massifs and fertile valleys, Naxos with its centuries of history, cultrural heritage and tradition, is inhabited by cheerful people with a tradition in music and dance and full of beauty that enchants visitors.

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With its long history, important monuments and intense tourist life, it occupies a distinct place among the Cycladic islands. No matter how many days you stay on Naxos island, there will always surely be more hidden niches to discover, beaches you haven’t seen, towers and forts you did not have time to visit, ancient temples whose secrets remain a mystery (Naxos Holidays Package).

Temples and sanctuaries, citadels, mansions and humble folk houses were mingled into the indissoluble web of time together with traditional crafts, such as weaving, wood carving, iconography etc. Alongside, music, song, feasting and dance gave an outlet to joy, the sorrows and the dreams of the people of Naxos, leaving an invaluable legacy to modern researchers.

The island is marked by great variety: mountains with ravines, caves and gullies shade verdant valleys with olive, fig, orange, lemon trees and vineyards, abundant waters.

Nikos Kazantzakis, Greece’s foremost 20th century writer, once wrote about the time he spent as a teenager in Naxos’ fertile valley of Eggares: “If paradise was on Earth, it would be here.”

The valleys end at smooth, sandy beaches adorned with juniper and tamarisk trees; villages are surrounded by fields and vegetable gardens; migratory birds find refuge on trees, while wild pigeons and swifts in the inaccessible coastal rocks (Naxos Holidays Package).

The seabed surrounding Naxos also offers another, exciting world, with marine ecosystems of astounding beauty, huge variety, reefs and rocks full of life, meadows of Posidonia oceanica with colorful plates and reefs.
Naxos’ mythology holds an outstanding position in the island’s web of history and civilization.

The many mythical figures in the mythology of Naxos Island: Dionysus, Zeus, Apollo, Ariadne, Demeter and many others, are woven with indelible colors in memory and time, never ceasing to stir interest and imagination.

In the island’s age-old history myths blend with reality, with abundant archaeological findings, dating to all periods, throwing light on the historical reality behind every myth (Naxos Holidays Package).

Visit and tour the villages of Naxos for a unique experience and journey into the history and past of the island, with myths and heroes, medieval legends, folk customs that survive intact to nowdays.

Coastal areas are refreshed by Aegean Sea breezes, the uplands by mountain coolness. Colors alternate and so do the sounds: the waves, the gurgling waters of a stream, the squeaking reeds, the rustling leaves and so many other sounds accompany the visitor on every step.

Churches and monasteries of rare historical value, mansions and towers, caves, trails, mines, threshing floors and vineyards give these villages a great wealth of sights that is difficult to encounter on any other island (Naxos Holidays Package).

Accommodation in Naxos: Collaboration with numerous hotels, studios, apartments and villas.

Packages to Naxos: Please fill in the “Request an Offer” form, letting us know the passengers, required dates and accomodation type and a budget and we will come back to you with the best available offer .

How to reach Naxos

  • Direct with Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways ferry boat from Piraeus port
  • Direct with Hellenic Seaways Highspeed (catamaran, can carry vehicles) from Piraeus port (during summer season)
  • Direct with SeaJets (catamaran, can carry vehicles) from Piraeus or Rafina port (during summer season)
  • Direct with Fast Ferries ferry boat from Rafina port
  • Direct with Golden Star Ferries catamaran from Rafina port (during summer season)
  • Direct with Olympic Air or Aegean Airlines or Sky Express by plane from Eleftherios Venizelos airport thoughout the whole year.
  • Please note that there are several connections from other island ports
Naxos Holidays Package

  • Tickets to Naxos with Bluestar Ferries, SeaJets, Hellenic Seaways, Fast Ferries, Golden Star Ferries or aviation companies (Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines or Sky Express).
  • Accommodation of preference
Package does not include

  • Anything not stated

  • Minimum 2 nights stay during high season (July, August), Easter period and special greek holidays.
  • We can arrange your transfer from the port/airport to your accommodation and vice versa with an extra cost. If the service is provided by the hotel free of charge, this will be stated at the booking process.



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