Ancient Corinth From Athens – Private Tour

Ancient Corinth From Athens - Private Tour

4-5 Hours

Ancient Corinth From Athens – Private Tour

Ancient Corinth From Athens - Private Tour

Corinth is not only famous as a place with great archaeological interest but also as an important landmark in the history of Christianity. St. Paul lived and preached in Corinth, a rich and powerful city, in his pilgrimage to spread the teachings of Christ.

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Ancient Corinth Half Day Tour... In The Footsteps Of Paul Tour!

Located on the isthmus which connects mainland Greece with the Peloponnese, surrounded by fertile plains and blessed with natural springs, Corinth was one of the major cities of antiquity. It was made up of three parts; the acropolis on the hill, Acrocorinth, the city itself on a lower location, and its port Lechaion, on the coast. Because of its wealth, ancient Corinth became a city of luxury and a very busy trading centre. 


It's wealth came up due to the fact that was able to control the only land access to the Peloponnese and so dominated the trade in both the Saronic Gulf (to the east) and the gulf of Corinth (to the west). A journey that is worth taking your time, since there's much to see and discover.


Corinth has been a significant city in terms of culture and power for many centuries, for the ancient Greeks, for the Romans, for the Christians. It's seen many transformations through the ages. The modern part was built after the destruction of the ancient city in the 19th century. Apart from its long history, Corinth is blessed with fertile plains and magnificent landscapes that spread among the mountains and the sea.

Come with us on a journey through history as we leave Athens behind us. We will drive on the coastal road towards the West, and make our first stop at the Corinth canal. There we will have enough time to see the man-made canal. It is has a long history because it was used from antiquity but its current form was achieved in 1893. It 's approximately 6 km long and connects the Aegean to the Ionian Sea. We will take photos of the imposing canal and enjoy a drink or a snack at a local cafe.

A ten-minute drive through orange and lemon tree fields will take us to the major stop of our tour, in Ancient Corinth. We will visit a unique archaeological Museum.We will explore the exceptional monolithic Temple of Apollo (God of Oracles and the Sun), the Roman baths and the Bema (Step), the exact spot where St. Paul preached to the Corinthians in 52 a.C. We could later have a relaxing stroll in the pedestrian paths of Corinth, enjoy a cup of coffee or do some shopping.

We now have two options. The first option is to return to Athens...

The second would be to extend our tour for a full day. If you wish to extend our trip, we will have time to visit The Acrocorinth. Its name literally translates as «Upper Corinth». It was the Acropolis of the Ancient city, built on top of a monolithic rock. «It is the most impressive of the Acropolis in mainland Greece», was the estimation of George Forrest. Acrocorinth was continuously inhabited from the archaic times until the early 19th century. As a naturally protected position due to its geomorphology, it was further fortified during the Byzantine Empire and became the base of Hellas and later of the Peloponnese. Acrocorinth currently is one of the most majestic medieval castles in Greece.

As the « Ancient Corinth From Athens - Private Tour » approaches to its closure, we will return to Athens by the same route and you will deliver you at your preferred location.

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  • This tour is on private basis and can be modified 100% according to your preferences.

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