Epidaurus & Mycenae 1-Day Tour From Athens

Epidaurus & Mycenae 1-Day Tour From Athens

8-9 Hours

Epidaurus & Mycenae 1-Day Tour From Athens

Epidaurus & Mycenae 1-Day Tour From Athens

Filippis Tours is offering you the opportunity to meet the highlights of the north-eastern Peloponnese on a private, high quality basis… Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplion, are waiting to be discovered…

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Argolis Tour From Athens... Mycenae Epidaurus And Nafplio... Mycenae And Epidaurus Day Trip From Athens!

Mycenae is an archaeological site near Mikines in Greece, located southwest of Athens, in the north-eastern Peloponnese. From the hill on which the palace was located, one can see across the Argolid to the Saronic Gulf. Epidaurus was a small city in ancient Greece, on the Argolid Peninsula at the Saronic Gulf.

Nafplio is a seaport town in Peloponnese that has expanded up the hillsides near the north end of the Argolic Gulf. The town was the capital of the First Hellenic Republic and of the Kingdom of Greece, from 1821 until 1834.

Epidaurus, was very popular during the ancient times, due to the Asclepeion, that was the most celebrated healing center of the Classical world and also due to the Theatre. The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is known, till nowadays to the entire world, for the amazing acoustics, the symmetry and the beauty.


Argolis is the smallest administrative region of Peloponnese, it is extremely rich though in history or beauty. You can join our « Epidaurus And Mycenae One Day Tour From Athens » and seize the opportunity to meet the bucolic character of this fertile land, the birthplace of the Mycenean civilization.

Our experienced driver and guide will meet you at the pre-arranged place of your preference. Make yourself comfortable in the luxurious private vehicle and feel free to ask any questions. Our staff is there to ensure your fulfilling experience and that the tour is tailored to your preferences.

We will leave Athens behind us. We'll drive on the coastal road towards West Attica, to the Corinth Canal where our first stop is going to be. There we will make a stop for approximately one hour. It will be enough time to see the Canal that approximately 6 km long and connects the Aegean to the Ionian Sea. It is a nice excuse to take some photos and have a coffee or a snack.

A ten-minute drive through orange and lemon tree fields will get us to Ancient Corinth. The town of Corinth is plenty of archaeological sites. We'll visit its unique museum, the Temple of Apollo (God of Light, Sun, Knowledge and patron of the Oracles), the Roman baths and the Bema (the Step). This is the place where St. Paul preached to the Corinthians in 52 a.C.

Another thirty-minutes drive to the North East part of Peloponnese in Argolis, through olive fields and vineyards, will take us to Mycenae. This city was the administrative centre of the Mycenean Empire. In ancient literature, the city was mentioned as «Rich in Gold». It was the home of the mythical King Agamemnon, who dominated the Aegean Sea after the distraction of the Minoan Empire. The city oversees the Argolic gulf, located on a hill above the plain of Argos. Its elevated position and huge Cyclopean Walls offered significant protection from unexpected attacks. At the peak of its power (1300 b.C) its population lived around the fortress. The Palace was a symbol of power and home to the Mycenaean rulers. There was only one entrance over a large ramp, through the Lions Gate. Our visit in the ancient citadel will include the Lion’s Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, and the Royal Tombs and more...

When our walk in Mycenae is complete, we'll move on a fourty minute route through the orange and lemon tree fields of the fertile plain of Argolis. We will arrive in Nafplion, a picturesque littoral town. It was the first capital of the modern Greek state, from 1829 to 1834. This was a decision made by John Kapodistrias, the first Governor of Greece, a few years after the outburst of the Greek War of Independence against the Turkish oppression, in 1821. Today, Nafplion attracts countless travellers from all over the world and has become a popular destination, due to its proximity to Athens.

We will visit the Palamidi Castle for a few minutes. This castle was the last construction of the Venetian Empire. We will then visit and the Acronafplia Castle, the walls of which date back to pre-classical times. These two castles are located on a hill above the old town. We will then walk in the town of Nafplion and we'll have lunch at a picturesque restaurant by the sea. From there we 'll enjoy a great view of the Bourtzi Castle that is situated on a small islet, at the entrance of the port.

After our Nafplion experience, we'll drive for thirty-minutes to ancient Epidaurus. It is a spiritual place that dates back to the 3rd Century b.C. Of the sites worth visiting, the most known are the Sanctuary of Asclepius, that was a healing and cultural centre in ancient times and the Theatre of Epidaurus that is famous for its immaculate acoustic. The theatre is still used in our days. It's one of the few that retain the original circular Orchestra and this rare aesthetic sight.

When our educational and recreational tour is complete, we'll drive back to Athens along the scenic coastal motorway that passes above the shores of the Saronic Gulf. At the end of your « Epidaurus And Mycenae One Day Tour From Athens », our staff will return you to the pre-arranged place.

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Best Private Tours In GreeceEpidaurus & Mycenae 1-Day Tour From Athens.


This tour is on private basis and can be modified 100% according to your preferences.


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  • This tour is on private basis and can be modified 100% according to your preferences.
  • During winter period, the time is not enough to visit both Ancient Corinth and Epidaurus. Therefore, you should choose to visit either Ancient Corinth or Epidaurus.
  • During summer period, the time is enough to visit both Ancient Corinth and Epidaurus, but your day will be really busy. Therefore, we suggest to choose Ancient Corinth or Epidaurus.

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