Christian Tours in Athens and Corinth – In The Footsteps of Apostle Paul

Christian Tours in Athens and Corinth, In The Footsteps Of The Apostle Paul

4-9 Hours

Christian Tours in Athens and Corinth – In The Footsteps of Apostle Paul

Christian Tours in Athens and Corinth, In The Footsteps Of The Apostle Paul

A Biblical Tour… We can see the stories of Apostle Paul come to life as we follow in his footsteps throughout Greece. Let history reveal…

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Greece In The Footsteps Of Paul The Apostle... Christian Tours in Athens and Corinth, Biblical Tours in Athens!

Retrace the missionary journey of the Apostle Paul. Travel through ancient cities and pastoral landscapes. You will walk the Ancient Agora, where Apostle Paul walked and met his followers. An opportunity to step on the land that Saint Paul has lived and preached his word.


Our full-day private Christian Tours in Athens and Corinth is specifically designed for those who always wanted to follow the footsteps of St.Paul and combine their journey with places that are deeply connected to the centuries-long history of Greece. Biblical Tours in Athens!

As your day begins, you are greeted by our experienced staff at the place and time of your choice. Let yourself relax in the air-conditioned vehicle (car or minivan). Feel free to chat with your expert guide about the tour and ask any questions you may have for the places that you're going to visit.

You leave Athens driving southwest to the Corinth canal, where the Aegean and Ionian Seas merge. It is a man-made waterway that cuts through the narrow Isthmus and links the Saronic Gulf to the Corinthian Gulf, saving the ships a 430-mile route around Peloponnese. We'll make a short interval to take some photos of this breathtaking view and shortly after that, we'll continue towards the ancient town of Corinth. Located on the Isthmus that connects Peloponesse to the mainland, it is also surrounded by fertile plains and natural springs. It was an important city in Greek, Hellenistic and Roman times, this is why it became an important site for Christianity as well. This the city where St. Paul lived and preached for two years!

You will visit the ruins of the ancient city where Paul worked with Aquila and Priscilla, the remains of shops that date back to the first century, the Agora where Paul’s trial by Gallio took place, the Fountain of Peirene, the temple of Apollo, the Bema and the ruins of Kehries. This was the harbour from where St. Paul sailed to Ephesus.

The tour will take you back to Athens for a panoramic drive. You will see the city's landmarks and historical monuments. You'll be driven through the city's vibrant centre, pass by the National Garden, the Hadrian’s Arch, St. Paul’s Church, the Parliament, the Catholic Cathedral, the University of Athens, the Academy of Athens and the National Library. We will make a short stop at the Panathenaic Stadium, where the first Olympic Games took place. Then you will continue, pass by The Zappeion and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. These monuments are pebbles on the mosaic of time and culture of Athens. They are connected to important moments of the Greek history, from antiquity to the modern era.

Later on, you will follow our experienced guide on the Acropolis of Athens. Walking through the ancient gates called Propylaea, you will meet the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Hill of Mars. Apostle Paul delivered his well-known sermon at this exact place.

You will enjoy a walk on a cosmopolitan paved street on your way to Plaka. A picturesque area under the slopes of the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. Although it is a usually crowdy street, it's also dense with scents of traditional cuisines, pine trees and wildflowers. St.Paul preached at this very place. He met his followers, exchanged ideas and discussed their rising and promising new religion.

Your tour « Christian Tours in Athens and Corinth – In The Footsteps of Apostle Paul » has reached its end and our staff will drive you back to the place you have chosen.

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