Amorgos Holidays Package

Amorgos Holidays Package

Amorgos, the most eastern island of the Cyclades, is an island of rich cultural heritage and particular wild beauty, the island of the deep blue, that can’t but create a breath-taking feeling to its visitor.

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When the ferry approaches the island, you can feel the atmosphere changing. Its mountain range and deep sea parting create steep coasts on the east, while at the same time on the west there is a sense of harmony, as the mountains smoothly finish into small peninsulas with sandy bays in between. Amorgos is an island of contrasts. It’s the island where the old meets the new and together they go hand in hand harmoniously without the one affecting the other.

The island’s two natural harbors - Katapola in the center of the island and Aegiali at its northern end - serve as ports, although much of its 112-kilometer coastline consistes of craggy cliffs that plunge into the sea. The island’s highest peak, Krouellos, rises to 821 meters and is located at the island’s northern end, above Aegiali. Here, the mountainous terrain is rockier and steeper (Amorgos Holidays Package).

The island’s flora is typical of the Cyclades; vegetation is sparse, mostly shrubs with mastic shrubs, kermes oak, broom, and scrub (phrygana) beyond the fertile plains at Katapola, Kato Meria and Aegiali that are thick with olive groves and other fruit - bearing trees. Vines, top quality vegetables and some cereals are cultivated on terraced fields throughout the island. What the island lacks in size and in the density of its vegetation, it makes up for with the diversity of endemic flora, especially rare herbs with medicinal properties (Amorgos Holidays Package).

Evidence of the Cycladic culture, with its familiar marble figurines, dates from the third millennium B.C. There are also signs of Minoan influence, while the island was subsequently colonized by Miletus and Naxos.

For visitors who love walking or hiking, Amorgos is an exceptional destination as it’s crossed by a network of footpaths that offer a unique look at the land and its people. Indeed, through the late 1980’s, these footpaths provided the main links between settlements. Today, they ‘ve been mapped, while six main routes have been marked and published in a ramblers’ guide. In addition to connecting the island’s settlements, the footpaths provide access to remote areas as well as cultural and natural landmarks. Visitors with a deep love of nature will enjoy exploring the island on foot and discovering its rare flora, herbs and wildflowers.

Handmade Amorgian cotton and embroidery, made by the women of the island with a special love for beauty and skill, are very well known over the whole of Greece.

The main occupation of the Amorgians is fishing, shipping and farming. In the recent years however, a growing number of people have become involved in the tourist sector, as the island is going through a growing tourism period.

Today Amorgos, unique for its beauty and proud of its history, stands assertively in the middle sea. It bathes its shores in a deep blue of the sea, it gives life to its crops enjoying the life-giving Aegean sun and breathes in the blue sky which surrounds it! Today, Amorgos invites us to experience its beauty and fill up with life!

Accommodation in Amorgos: Collaboration with numerous hotels, studios, apartments and villas.

Packages to Amorgos: Please fill in the “Request an Offer” form, letting us know the passengers, required dates and accomodation type and a budget and we will come back to you with the best available offer.

How to reach Amorgos

  • Direct with Blue Star Ferries, ferry boat from Piraeus port
  • Direct with Hellenic Seaways Highspeed (catamaran, can carry vehicles) from Piraeus port (during summer season)
  • Direct with SeaJets (catamaran, can carry vehicles) from Piraeus port (during summer season)
  • From Naxos port with Skopelitis Express (can carry vehicles)
  • From Santorini or Mykonos port with SeaJets (catamaran, cannot carry vehicles)
  • Please note that there are several connections from other island ports
Amorgos Holidays Package

  • Tickets to Amorgos with Bluestar Ferries, SeaJets, Hellenic Seaways, Skopelitis Express.
  • Accommodation of preference
Package does not include

  • Anything not stated

  • Minimum 2 nights stay during high season (July, August), Easter period and special Greek holidays.
  • We can arrange your transfer from the port/airport to your accommodation and vice versa with an extra cost. If the service is provided by the hotel free of charge, this will be stated at the booking process.



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