Rent a Car in Athens

Rent a Car in Athens

Rent a Car in Greece | Rent a Car in Athens | Rent a Car in Piraeus | Car Rental in Greece


Our travel agency in Greece, is active in the field of car rental in Greece, rent a car in Athens or rent a car in Piraeus, since 1982. Our primary concern is the dedication to the needs of our customers, clear contract terms, safe and reliable car hire, as well as competitive car rental rates.



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We understand that every person, every family, group of friends or professionals, have different needs and preferences, therefore, we are prepared to provide you the vehicle that suits better to your demands best. For these reasons, we offer a wide range of cars of various types. Such as economy cars, family cars, mini van, jeep, 4×4 and luxury cars to choose what suits you best.


The experience and knowledge, concerning the car rental, of our partners, have made our office one of the most reliable agencies in Athens and Piraeus in this sector. Therefore, our clients always rent their cars from our agency, upon their arrival in Athens, whether it is for holidays or business trips.

Finally, we provide car rental services at Athens International Airport.


Terms & Conditions – Rent a car in Athens


Driver’s License: The rented car driver must hold a driving license issued at least one year before the rental date, in order to rent a car in Athens. The driver must hold either a driving license issued by a European Union Member State or an international driving license.

Age Of The Driver: The minimum age limit is 23 years old. For cars belonging to categories L2, L6, V, V1, H2, J, G1, L2, L1, the minimum age limit is 25 years old.

Guarantee: The drivers must be holder of a credit card for reasons of guarantee, even if the rental payment will be held in cash.

Minimum Rental Period: One day (24 hours). Each hour of delay upon completion of the 24-hour rental shall be charged with 1/6 of the daily rental fee.

Fuel: The lessee must deliver the car with the same fuel quantity, as during the pick-up of the vehicle.

Kilometers: Rental kilometers are calculated from the headquarters of Filippis Tours. A minimum charge limit of 100 km, per day is applicable.

Border Crossing: It is not allowed while you rent a car in Athens.

Changes: In certain special cases, the company is entitled to change the type of the car.

Transportation By Ship: It is allowed, in the driver’ s responsibility.

Acceptance From – Delivery To, Different Locations: Available option, by paying a special fee, upon request.

Special Offers/Discounts: Special offers are only valid for the indicated dates/vehicles/locations. No more than one (1) special offer can be applied in a car rental rate.

Traffic Violations: All traffic tickets and any other consequences shall burden the lessee.

Second Driver: Adding a second driver in the rental agreement entails surcharge of 3.5€ per day (VAT included) and such fee is charged for 10 days maximum (i.e. 35€).

GPS: Available upon reservation at a rate of 10€ per day (VAT included) for rental periods shorter than 5 days and at a rate of 5€ per day for rental periods exceeding 5 days.

Children Safety Seats: Available upon reservation at a rate of 3.5€ per day (VAT included) and such fee is charged for 10 days maximum (i.e. 35€).

Snow Chains: Available upon reservation at a rate of 3.5€ per day (VAT included) and such fee is charged for 10 days maximum (i.e. 35€).

Rates: The prices posted on the website may change without notice.

Car Incurance – Rental fees Include

  • Local Taxes and Vat
  • Third party insurance
  • Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (C.D.W): Collision damage waiver insurance means that Filippis Tours rented vehicle is insured towards collision damages (material damages) also caused by the renter, but with an excess amount to pay.

The Excess Amount for Collision is (CDW)

  • 800 € + VAT for (Category A, B and C)
  • 1000 € + VAT for (Category A1, D, E, H, K, Land L1)
  • 1200 € + VAT for (Category G1, J)
  • 1600 € + VAT for (Category H2, V, V1)

Not included in Rental Rates –  Rent a car in Athens

  • Super CDW (SCDW)
    • 9 € + VAT for (Category A, B and C) extra per day
    • 12 €+ VAT for (Category A1, D, E, H, K, Land L1) extra per day
    • 15 € + VAT for (Category G1, J) extra per day
    • 20 € + VAT for (Category H2, V, V1) extra per day
  • Excess Amounts after purchasing Super CDW (SCDW)
    • 100 € + VAT for (Category A, B and C)
    • 150 € + VAT for (Category A1, D, E, H, K, Land L1)
    • 200 € + VAT for (Category G1, J)
    • 250 € + VAT for (Category H2, V, V1)
  • Theft Insurance
    • 5 € + VAT for (Category A, B and C) extra per day
    • 7 € + VAT for (Category A1, D, E, H, K, Land L1) extra per day
    • 10 € + VAT for (Category G1, J, H2, V, V1) extra per day

No Insurance Coverage Shall Apply To

  • Damage caused to the car’s tires, windscreen, windows or bottom.
  • Loss or theft of personal items kept in the car.
  • Any damage caused to the car during transportation by ship or other means.
  • Any incident taking place while the driver is under the influence of alcohol or intoxication.
  • Accidents caused by a driver who has not been stated in the rental agreement.

Cancellation Policy

  • When you make a reservation you will be asked to submit your credit card number, that will be kept for guarantee reasons. The reservation will be confirmed through a reply e-mail. We will charge 25% of the total sum to your credit card and that amount will be kept as a deposit.
  • In case of cancellation 3 days or more prior to your arrival date, no cancellation penalties will be incurred and the deposit will be returned.
  • For any cancellations made less than 3 days prior to your arrival date we will use the 25% as a penalty charge.
  • The remaining payment amounts will be processed in Greece by Filippis Tours Rent a Car upon your arrival.

(For no obligation inquires, no credit card or deposit is required)


Age Requirements: Minimum Age 23


Additional Drivers: 1 additional drivers permitted – Minimum Age for Additional Drivers 23



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