Online Booking Help

Before you proceed with the online booking of Ferry Tickets Greece, it might be useful to know that there are some particular cases you might encounter issues with, for example:

  • For some Greek ferries, you cannot book ferry tickets for a trip, where the time margin between the date of the booking and the date of the departure is less than 8 days or you are interested in a special holiday period (ie: Easter, 1st of May etc.).
  • In case the tickets you wish to book, concern different companies, you should make separate bookings, one for each company.
  • The cabin/seat you have selected is not available. (What might happens is that the system shows availability. But at the same time someone else is trying to book the same accommodation/type of seat. If they complete their reservation before you and there are no more seats available, you will not be able to finalize your reservation).
  • There is availability but our allotment for the specific departure has run out. (On most departures there is no limit regarding the number of tickets that we can issue as long as there is availability. Unfortunately for some specific departures this limit exists. Usually we have a great allotment but in summer it is possible that our allotment runs out for a specific departure. In that case you should contact us in order to book your tickets for the greek ferries, off-line.)
  • You try to book a special offer.

In such cases please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone. You will receive the best offer – Ferry Tickets to Greek Islands – from our staff for the ferries you requested or for the next best solution we can offer.


Schedules and Availability: On-Line booking system is being automatically updated in real time with schedules and prices but displays only approved departures enabled for bookings. Departures under the status «approval waiting» are not shown. Schedules are added gradually, usually 2-4 months in advance. So in February you might find some departures for the summer season. During March & April though more departures will appear. Finally during May the complete timetables for the coming season will be finalized. Therefore if you attempt any search and you get the message: «Itinerary Selection. No departures for this specific itinerary. Please select another itinerary or change your date of departure» just ignore it! Try again later, because this message describes the situation as mentioned up above.


Confirm your Departure: As all means of transportation, so the ferrie’s scheduled departure can change or even be cancelled due to imponderable factors (ex: mechanical failure, weather conditions). In some cases that the ferry company deems that this is absolutely necessary.


We strongly recommend that passengers verify their own departure 24 hours prior to embarkation, to a local agent of the ferry company they are travelling with.


Collect your tickets:

  1. Collect them from our head office, which is located in the port of Piraeus (main port of Athens), free of charge.
  2. Receive them to your address by courier service, at your own expense, (please keep in mind the time needed for the delivery).
    Attention: If your tickets do not arrive within the mentioned time period please contact us, as soon as possible so that we can track the tickets and speed up the delivery.
  3. Pick them up from the port of departure, via the central office of the company which you selected for your trip. Receive them at your mobile or email. Contact us and let us know your reservation number; We will inform you from which travel agency you can collect your tickets or we will make the web checkin procedure on your behalf.

Multiple reservations – Unique shipment for tickets:

Having made several reservations (up to 4 or 5), you do not need to pay, f.e four different shipments one for each booking:

  1. During the final step of the first booking in the question «How would you like to receive your tickets?», choose «Courier».
  2. For all other reservations in the same question you answer «Filippis Tours head office».
  3. Once you finalize all your bookings, send immediately an e-mail and let us know which are all your booking numbers. We will send all tickets with a single shipment courier without paying separately for each reservation. Attention: If your tickets do not arrive within the mentioned time please contact us as soon as possible so that we can track the tickets and speed up the delivery

Explanations of seat and cabins categories:

The following list gives most of the categories that you will encounter and their codes:

A2, AA2, A422-Bed external cabin with shower/WC
AB2, AB42, AS22-Bed internal cabin with shower/WC
B2, B422-Bed internal cabin with shower/WC
A3, AA3, A433-Bed external cabin with shower/WC
AB3, AB433-Bed internal cabin with shower/WC
B3, B433-Bed internal cabin with shower/WC
A4, AA4, A444-Bed external cabin with shower/WC
AB4, AB444-Bed internal cabin with shower/WC
B4, B444-Bed internal cabin with shower/WC
DORDormitories separated into male and female cabins
ATS, S, AKAirplane type seats (numbered seats)
VIPTVIP Table Seats
B, DKN, A ClassBusiness Seat
BTBusiness Table Seat
ECEconomy Seats
ECTEconomy Seats with table